Our wellness journey is designed to offer a comprehensive and transformational healing experience. One which aims to gently guide you home to your true self.They are about self-referral and celebratory rest, allowing you to relax into the depth of your being, feeling grateful for all the abundance and beauty in your life. Each includes on a daily basis are incredibly special RAAS Blessing treatments, delicately designed to recalibrate the frequency of your entire central nervous system, nourish your life force energy (Prana) and expand your consciousness so that you feel more connected, centred, courageous and composed. Yoga, varying meditations and sound healing are also on offer, and all journeys include meals off our light and healthy wellness menu. You can also request private silent meals.



Ma Earth Botanicals has handcrafted a luxury line of skincare products using pure aromatherapy oils and the natural blessings of Mother Earth. All the products are handcrafted and contain no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, synthetic additives, artificial fragrances, SLES, parabens or sulphates. They are made from the highest quality pure essential oils, sustainably sourced vegetable oils and unrefined butters that are cold pressed to preserve their natural goodness and healing properties. None of Ma’s products are tested on our fellow animals, and never will be.


RAAS in collaboration with Ma Earth is delighted to present to you a very special spa offering. Our passion is to enhance and encourage a more natural and holistic path towards health, beauty and overall well being. Our selection of treatments combine specific therapeutic techniques with potent, natural ingredients to deliver amazing results.




Garden Suite

The Garden Suites at Devigarh capture the serenity and majesty of the natural world. Overlooking the palace's most beautiful garden, guests can lounge and relax in the seclusion of their private tented-terrace.

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Palace Suite

Keeping in touch with Devigarh's aristocratic roots, the Palace Suites offer true luxury. Every suite has a unique design and their marble interiors are adorned by combinations of semi-precious stones.

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Aravalli Suite

The Aravalli Suite offers guests a stay in the old Rajput palace which is both stately and authentic. Boasting complete privacy and spaciousness, their designs incorporate ornate and traditional motifs which are carved beautifully.

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Devigarh Suite

The Devigarh Suite caters for your every need, and does so in style. The captivating golden bedroom extends onto a private sun deck and jacuzzi where guests can revel in the perfection of our most esteemed suite.

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