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Devigarh offers a range of local and international cuisine to suit all tastes, and in a range of settings that show off the hidden jewels of the palace. Breakfast and Dinner are served in our restaurant, whilst Lunch can be enjoyed in the Bar. We can also serve you in your room, by the pool, or whichever part of the palace takes your fancy. We have private dining options for parties of all sizes. Room Service is available 24/7; if you should desire anything, we’re on hand. We also have a dedicated spa menu, which offers a range of options to boost your health using the purest of ingredients and including medicinal herbal teas.



Whatever time of day, whether you're after a glass of wine on the balcony or a mid-morning chai masala in the lounge, the Bar is well-stocked for all occasions. From its terrace, the sun can be seen setting behind the hills and provides the perfect evening atmosphere to enjoy over refreshing cocktails. Open all day and late into the evening, we serve fresh coffee, hand-squeezed juices, and many alcoholic options. Our wine list showcases the best of India’s up-and-coming vineyards, as well as a carefully curated selection of international wines, right up to the finest of champagne.



Our Restaurant serves a seasonal menu, with ingredients home-grown and picked a stone’s throw from the palace in our chef’s garden. The Restaurant offers superb panoramic views over the surrounding countryside and the Aravalli hill range. The clean, minimalist design is complemented by original wall paintings of Devigarh’s former rulers and historic photographs of the palace.


Durbar Courtyard

A confined courtyard that boats a spectacular view of the skyline, the Durbar Courtyard offers diners a unique ambiance that is complimented by the soft sounds of the gently cascading water fountains. This could function as a private venue for an intimate lunch, where diners can enjoy secluded moments with their loved ones. It is also an ideal destination for evening drinks for 25-30, providing an open-air venue with enviable views.

Available for 10 guests or more.


Hawa Gokra

The Hawa Gokra is another intimate setting for meals. The room was originally built with many windows to harness the refreshing energy of the natural breeze and keep it cool in the summer. This architectural element has the fortunate coincidence of also creating stunning views from the top of the palace. Bedecked with roses and candles, it becomes a very special place to share dinner.

Available for up to 4 guests.


Janana Courtyard

Janana Courtyard contains a modern fountain beside an ancient swing. Enjoy local delicacies from our world-class kitchen in this open-air setting that is steeped in the history of Devigarh palace. Janana means ‘Maidens’, and the Janana Courtyard was once reserved as the women’s quarters of the palace. Now open to all, you will be welcomed by black-top tables, many candles, and an array of flowers. A place for all seasons, winter visitors, in particular, will be delighted by the use of bonfires, placed for your comfort.

Available for 10 guests or more; we think 25 to 30 guests are ideal.


Lounge Balcony

Offering clear views of Delwara village, the Lounge Balcony is ideal for couples or a family to enjoy a tailor-made meal. Filled with fresh flowers and candles, the Lounge Balcony is supported on all sides by decorated marble pillars, while below, a ceiling mirror reflects the beauty that surrounds you. The lounge balcony is a home for fine dining, good friends and good cheer.

Available for 2 guests or more; we think 6 guests are ideal.


Phool Bagh

A contemporary garden in the heart of Devigarh Palace, Phool Bagh, our Great Lawn, offers you an unforgettable backdrop of the palace to compliment your banquet. The trees of Phool Bagh, wreathed in sparkling lights, create a glittering landscape that mirrors the starry sky as a dinner venue for a large gathering.

Available for 50 guests or more; we can accommodate 250 to sit down to dine, and 350 for a standing buffet.


Pool Deck

No trip to the Devigarh Palace can be complete without a meal enjoyed with the backdrop of the setting sun. Overlooking the Aravalli Range, this open-air terrace comes equipped with protective canopies to combat unforeseen weather conditions. The ideal venue for breakfast, evening drinks, high-tea or dinner, as the pool calmly laps near you.

Available for 25 guests or more; we think 45 is ideal.


Roof Top

The Roof Top offers diners an enclosed veranda with a private Jharokha [balcony] to enjoy their meal in. Enjoy the best of the palace’s cuisine under the stars, or sheltered from the sun under a canopy with cooling breezes. The Roof Top gives diners a unique vantage point over Delwara village and this lush region of Rajasthan, a memorable venue for lunch, dinner, or just to raise a glass to the good life.

Available for 4 guests or more.


Sheesh Mahal

The Sheesh Mahal is a highly popular setting for meals. This intimate room, with windows offering views from high over the Udaipur countryside, preserves the palace's history in the hand-decorated mirrors that adorn the walls. Devigarh's kings once used this as a spot to entertain their queens and royal guests, now you can take their place. When prepared with candles and flowers, the whole room glows warmly.

Available for up to 4 guests


Silver Lounge

Furniture covered with silver, and walls that mirror the luxury of the room, the Silver Lounge offers diners an opulence that has made it one of the most desirable places to eat around Udaipur. Candles are set up across each table to create a mesmerising ambiance, and the quality of the food matches that of the setting.

Available for 4 guests or more; we think it’s ideal for 15 to 20.

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