Devigarh offers a world-class spa with a heart, run by authentic British brand ila. An old Sanskrit word denoting Mother Earth and her ever flowing curative energy, the sacred essence of ila is echoed through age-old beauty rituals, the rejuvenating power of touch, and divine smells chosen to promote biological change and harnessed from an incredibly rare level of organic purity.

Renowned for their earth-to-skin ethical, environmental and sustainable practices, ila directly source wild harvested ingredients, many from India herself. Enjoy Rajasthani damascene rose otto oil, jasmine from Tamal Nadu, sandalwood from Mysore and tuberose - which helps to connect us to our soul light – from Himachall. Each is chosen for its ability to nourish not just the skin but the heart.

Few other brands work at such a profound level. Every cream, oil, scrub, mask, candle and fragrance is created using minimal processing and is hand blended in a meditative atmosphere in the British countryside. Treatments are an active education in India’s healing arts, intuitively combining beautifully evocative music with the likes of Marma massage techniques, subtle chakra cleansing and herbal poultices.

Alongside ila's traditional therapies, and exclusive to Devigarh, we also offer ila's Devi Blessings, a bouquet of nine extremely special 2 hour treatments designed to calm adrenals and recalibrate the entire central nervous system. 3, 6 and 9 night Blessing packages are also available.

Our unique Himalayan Salt cave perfectly supports ila’s treatments. Naturally enriched with over 84 minerals, the healing properties of these beautiful untainted pink crystals are said to cleanse the body, balance hormones, improve sleep and reduce muscle tension.

We also offer a Bless You Food Menu, which accompanies our extremely special 2-hour Blessing Treatments, available in the ila-only spa. Guests can dip into this menu as they like, or opt for an immersive spa package experience. The food on this menu is designed to be healthy, nurturing and balancing, using the purest of ingredients and including medicinal herbal teas.




Ila work with the purest of intentions. They pledge to care sensitively for your energy levels and soul body, combining heartfelt connection with results-driven treatments. And because ila support rural farmers, indigenous tribes and village communities across the globe, in choosing ila you are not only supporting yourself, but also our precious planet.

Please take a look at our Treatment Menu, Yoga Menu, Blessings Menu


Devi Blessings Journeys (3,5 & 9 nights retreats)


Soulful Retreat-India with Mira Manek at RAAS Devigarh from 24 - 29 SEPTEMBER 2018


The Arrigo Program at RAAS Devigarh – India: THE BRIDGE RETREAT 29 MARCH - 3 APRIL 2018




Garden Suite

The Garden Suites at Devigarh capture the serenity and majesty of the natural world. Overlooking the palace's most beautiful garden, guests can lounge and relax in the seclusion of their private tented-terrace.

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Palace Suite

Keeping in touch with Devigarh's aristocratic roots, the Palace Suites offer true luxury. Every suite has a unique design and their marble interiors are adorned by combinations of semi-precious stones.

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Aravalli Suite

The Aravalli Suite offers guests a stay in the old Rajput palace which is both stately and authentic. Boasting complete privacy and spaciousness, their designs incorporate ornate and traditional motifs which are carved beautifully.

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Devigarh Suite

The Devigarh Suite caters for your every need, and does so in style. The captivating golden bedroom extends onto a private sun deck and jacuzzi where guests can revel in the perfection of our most esteemed suite.

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