The History

Strategically placed atop a hill in the Aravali Range, the Devigarh Palace overlooks the village of Delwara, and was completed in the year 1760 A.D, under the reign of Rajrana Sajja Singh II. North of Udaipur, in the heart of the countryside, the palace fortress overlooks one of the three main passes into the valley. Devigarh palace was originally built using local marble, a practice that was again followed during it’s restoration, with semi-precious stones being used to adorn all the suites in RAAS Devigarh.

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Devigarh Experience

RAAS Devigarh offers visitors 39 unique suites to vacation in, each offering an experience unmatched by any other hotel in Udaipur. Melding luxury and beauty seamlessly, each suite offers visitors their pick of modern facilities. With amazing views of the region’s hill range and the countryside, RAAS Devigarh lets you soak in the tranquil landscape of Rajasthan, away from the bustle of every day life. With spacious gardens and courtyards within the complex, visitors will find themselves lost in a timeless period, where the past and present merge to form an adventure like no other.

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Garden Suite

The Garden Suites at Devigarh capture the serenity and majesty of the natural world. Overlooking the palace's most beautiful garden, guests can lounge and relax in the seclusion of their private tented-terrace.

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Palace Suite

Keeping in touch with Devigarh's aristocratic roots, the Palace Suites offer true luxury. Every suite has a unique design and their marble interiors are adorned by combinations of semi-precious stones.

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Aravalli Suite

The Aravalli Suite offers guests a stay in the old Rajput palace which is both stately and authentic. Boasting complete privacy and spaciousness, their designs incorporate ornate and traditional motifs which are carved beautifully.

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Devigarh Suite

The Devigarh Suite caters for your every need, and does so in style. The captivating golden bedroom extends onto a private sun deck and jacuzzi where guests can revel in the perfection of our most esteemed suite.

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